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5 Simple Ways To Detox Your Mind – Reduce ‘Post-Holiday’ Stress

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For the most part, the holidays are behind us. Yet with each passing second after the mighty clock struck 12:00 on January 01, your emotions probably have been running on high gear. Some of you decided to do what the general population considers a norm during the onset of a NEW year. You drafted resolutions […]

How To Feel Better About Yourself?

    It all begins with making a FREE choice.    Looking within and identifying what seems to be keeping you locked up. If you’re looking to embrace a conscious living path, you have to dare shine a light on the dark recesses of your mind.  It’s the stuff that we don’t want to address […]

How Social Proof Increases Business Traffic

  The Great Cialdini addressed and created a lot of attention around the natural behavior of people in the midst of groups or people of influence. Robert Cialdini is no “Magic Man.” However, some might argue that in his book, Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion, he revealed the tricks used as weapons of influence and […]

Real World Business Case Study: Using The Need To Belong To Create Loyal Customers

  Have you ever asked yourself why you seem to have an urge to be part of something? Or why you tend to seek out people who are friends, part of your family, sports fans, religious congregations, business associates, or hobby buddies? You are among the curious brains who want to know the answer to […]

Where Is Your Battle Taking Place?

Do you sometimes feel like you’re inside your mind ‘Duking It Out’ with your good and evil sides? You see there’s this notion that we’re all HAUNTED by a double.  You have good and evil everyday fighting it out inside of your head.   Sigmund Freud, a famous Austrian psychologist, referred to this inner battle […]

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