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How To Create Business Momentum And A Successful Blogging Strategy?

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Eliminate bogging procrastination and get a strategy in place!Creating a successful blogging strategy does not have to be complicated.

What was the main reason you set up a blog? Really reflect on this question.

It’s important to be clear on the reasons why you want to blog. Ultimately your reasons for writing posts on your blog will have an impact on the level of commitment that you have and your level of consistency when creating content for that same blog.

Blogging is turning out to be big business or big for business. If that is part of the reason why you started on this path, then consider these few statistical findings…

Currently, there are about 65 million WordPress sites in the world according to Just imagine over 313 million people view more than 2.5 billion blog pages each month. And users produce about 500,000 new posts and 400,000 new comments on an average day.

Needless to say this flood of people uses blogging to share simple and complex information that is considered valuable to the market place and you may be one of them. Therefore creating a strategy to expose the information on your blog to the right customers or clients is of essence to your bottom dollar as well as your level of credibility.

Darren Rowse, expert blogger of, recommends that if you’re serious about blogging then you need to make blogging a priority and schedule it. Don’t let blogging procrastination stop you from accomplishing your goals for your website. There are many ways to overcome the “I’m not cut out for this” feeling that consumes many bloggers and having a plan is one critical way.

I suggest that you create a short term and long term blogging schedule to help you with your productivity as well as help ward off feelings of “I Can’t Do This or I Don’t Have Time For This.”

Watch this video tutorial as I share a resource that can assist you in creating your blogging or writing strategy. It also can help create momentum in your business through your consistent writing schedule and ultimately generate more traffic to your blog or website.

When you have a plan in place, it is easier to reach a specific goal because you create the steps and not allow chance to lead you to the “right” steps. It’s all about creating that opportunity for you and your lifestyle.

I love how Diana Ross put it, “You can’t just sit and wait for people to give you that golden dream. You’ve got to get out there and make it happen for yourself.”

It’s the same for blogging. You can’t expect people to just magically show up to your blog and read the posts that you diligently work on but only post sporadically. There’s a little bit more to that outcome than wishing.

To ensure success at keeping up with your blogging plan it is also important to create a ritual that tells your brain it’s blogging time. I love the fact Darren Rowse talked about this simple yet powerful part of blogging. It’s connecting a pleasurable task which you simply adore with the one (blogging) that you think is the frog that you just have to shove in your mouth every morning. He says, “Your ritual can be anything: light a candle, put on classical music, say a little prayer, or get yourself a cup of tea—whatever helps.”

Keep in mind that people want to feel safe and part of conveying that safety to an extent is by the level of consistency you offer them through your writing.

How did you create your blogging schedule? Please share your comment below.

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7 Responses to “How To Create Business Momentum And A Successful Blogging Strategy?”
  1. That is such a cool little tool! I adore the idea about creating a ritual and that’s exactly what I do when I’m writing novels. I light a particular candle. My brain recognises the act of lighting the candle, and the scent, and the chapters just flow.

  2. Hi Miriam! Wow…I love this plugin and I will install it…Thanks for your great post and insights on the importance of having a strategy…I didn’t such great tool was available.

    I think that we continue to learn great tips and tricks about getting organized and more effective everyday.

    It’s amazing the resources that is handed to us… Technology is advancing so fast and somehow we need to stay current and up to date…LOL Not always easy but thanks to friends like you, the ladies in our group and the wonderful people we come in contact daily…we can find our way to reaching our goals and dreams! Thx! ~ Nathalie

    • Miriam Buhr says:

      It’s such a nifty plugin. I love the bird’s eye view it provides because it helps to plan ahead.

      Definitely agree with you Nathalie, technology at times can be a little overwhelming but
      with little finds like these it kinda makes life a little doable and easier!


  3. Great post Miriam. I love blogging. It’s fun, easy to do and can be very profitable. Like any other business, you need a game plan, a strong work ethic and persistence to succeed. Thanks for sharing. This was my first time at your blog and I really enjoy it.

    All the best.



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