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Discover And Leverage The Secrets To Attract Abundance Using – Deepak Chopra’s 21-Day Meditation Challenge

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Do you know how to meditate?    It has nothing to do with religion…

Meditation is a way to transcend… you can meditate on many things. You do it every day. You can meditate on scriptures, on nature, music, literature. It’s concentrated thought. It is practicing being mindful. You either focus on things that are positive or negative.

How do you meditate?

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You mediate every day.

Everyone gets to choose his/her focal point. Ironically some people are experts.

Take the act of worrying. That’s a negative form of meditation.

I believe that what you think about, you ultimately bring about. So shifting your meditation sessions from negative to positive is very important.

I practice meditation. Yet when I don’t follow through with it, I feel the repercussions.

What happens? I don’t feel centered and my ego tends to get in the way.

My journey through life has taught me that you may know some things or have knowledge but it doesn’t guarantee that you’ll get results. You have to take action and apply that knowledge. I believe that you can reshape your brain by personal growth. Oprah Winfrey said to Deepak Chopra, “Ultimately, if you choose to grow, you are guiding your own evolution!”

As I watched Super Soul Sunday on my computer, I kept getting more and more excited as Oprah talked to Deepak Chopra about meditation and how it influences your spiritual life. I decided to take up the challenge to meditate with Deepak Chopra for 21 days and quickly signed up and shared it with my friends.

It starts today 05 November 2012. Come join me. Well rather come join us because a group of my friends decided to do it together.  We decided to support each other through these 21 days. At the end of this first week, we are meeting up to see how it’s going. I know when people stick together through a challenge it’s easier to cross the finish line. Someone once told me that “Community builds immunity.” So, I want to invite you to join us on this meditation journey. We’re going to learn about the power of meditation, how to rewire our minds for greater good and help others do the same. It can be like opening a great primer filled with helpful tips and explanations on meditation and how to enhance your spiritual life.

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I find it so much fun to challenge myself especially when I have a community behind me! We love the idea of opening the doors of MORE Abundance.

Sign up and join us.

Click on the link above so you don’t miss out on this Extra-ordinary opportunity to create MORE Pockets of Goodness in YOUR Life…

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One Response to “Discover And Leverage The Secrets To Attract Abundance Using – Deepak Chopra’s 21-Day Meditation Challenge”
  1. hello Miriam,
    Good to see you here on your beautiful site!
    I love Deepak Chopra, have read several books and would be so happy to be able to join you in this journey.
    I live in Italy so things become more complicated;)
    Let me know what your experience is like when you come back from this journey I’d like to learn and hear from you!
    Have fun and enjoy;)

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