Thursday, July 20, 2017

Are You Committed To Making A Difference?



It all starts with one decision, one move on your part…

Rate yourself:


Using a scale of 1 to 10, Rate your decision making skills…

Are those decision making muscles on the flabby side?


In this video, I share an intoxicating message about the POWER of  Committed Decisions.

After watching this video…Reflect on this bit:


What is holding you back?…and


Best of all, What can you do about it?



Right here, Right Now!


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4 Responses to “Are You Committed To Making A Difference?”
  1. Hi Miriam,
    I loved your video:) Decision sustained by commitment means power. But as you said,inside of us are emotional barriers. On a rational level we all are aware,but our buried emotions from childhood for example arise from our subconscious and stop us from moving to what we want. Step by step action is the solution. It’s true after few small steps maybe you don’t see immediate results but now you have that inner spark,magic,flame you name it… It means that you are aware of your tremendous potential. And this emotion will move you towards any great achievement. That’s why a little action can change your life.

    Thanks for sharing:) I found you thanks to tribe pro:P

    Have a fantastic day,

    • Miriam Buhr says:

      Sometimes we have to take a stance for ourselves by pushing ourselves outside our ‘perceived’ limits.

      In the end, the accumulation of small steps leads to the accomplishment of our dreams.

      Awesome comment Radu!
      Thank you,

  2. Cathie Heath says:

    Great video, Miriam!

    There’s a HUGE difference between making a decision
    and making a COMMITTED decision. The difference
    between the two is disciplined action.

    And it doesn’t have to be all or nothing/everything at
    once. Consistent actions (that you’re committed to taking)
    will find you reaching your goals.

    • Miriam Buhr says:

      Thanks Cathie! Having a committed decision to take consistent daily actions does make a huge difference! Yet, reaching the point of taking on disciplined action for some can be an uphill battle but it is possible. It’s only failure when you give up.

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