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Embarrassed To Ask Simple Social Media Questions? Access Free & Quick Training Tutorials Via Grovo

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Frustrated or inconvenienced because of immense amount of learning related to social media such as, LinkedIn, Gmail, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Blogging, etc…?

Embarrassed to ask simple questions related to these sites?

Looking for updated, easy to follow training or courses to share with your clients?


This online resource might just be the one that you’re looking for and the best part is that the tutorials are free.

It’s called Grovo.


According to Grovo, this platform currently, has a library which contains over 1,000 video tutorials targetting the most popular and useful websites you may be using or want to use right now to boost your business or blog.

Grovo is focused on bringing you the most updated information so it publishes over 25 videos every week.

Video tutorials are packaged into short 1-2 minute blocks, are easy to follow, and available from simple to advance courses.


The information is educational and all videos lack any advertisement, promotional language or ads.

You can access these training modules via Grovo’s proprietary education and training platform.


For example, check out this animated and less than 2 minute video about Grovo…


Also check out this 66 second tutorial about Dropbox, which is a file-hosting server on the Web where you can save and later access files from anywhere online.


Save time and money.

No more beating your head trying to find simple and succinct information about web programs and platforms!

Please share this information with your friends, students, or team members.




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3 Responses to “Embarrassed To Ask Simple Social Media Questions? Access Free & Quick Training Tutorials Via Grovo”
  1. Shelly Allen says:


    The name GROVO made me look. This is definitely a great share!!!

    For some reason I pictured “Groover” from Sesame Street:)

    I absolutely love and use Dropbox daily… it’s a HUGE time save especially when you work on more than one computer!

  2. Laura Morris says:

    Wow Miriam!! This caught my eye because I have some people in my team who are offline marketers who want to start using facebook and linkedin etc, but we don’t have the luxury of time to spend on lots of training right now as they have many people in their warm market they want to contact online…like yesterday about a new opportunity we found and they need to be up to speed on facebook because it’s a socially related opportunity. This will work perfectly for leaders to just direct our team members to, then we can supplement with our videos on other training once they are up to speed on the basics!!
    Thanks again!

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