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Mental Toxins: Basic Steps To Detoxify Negative Thought Patterns

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For more than 10 weeks I’ve been on a self-prescribed journey to detoxify the thoughts that have not been serving me. It hasn’t been easy.

Changing a thought pattern takes times. You are physically changing your brain patterns and how your cells communicate.


Can you change a behavior quickly? Yes.

Lots of people have done it and continue to engage in this type of behavior.

For example I know of a family member that quit smoking ‘cold turkey.’

However even though her outward behavior changed she still struggled and worked on her mental patterns.


I like to say that it’s important to give yourself permission to love yourself and be who you love to be.

So then how do you even start changing your thoughts or cleansing your mental plane of what does not serve you?


There are many things that you can do to help you through this process which some people call mental detox. I engage in quite a few tasks to help me start and maintain good vibrational thought patterns. Some of which I discuss below.

Remember that you always have a choice, an opportunity to change yourself. And when you do, it also affords you a chance to encourage change in others through your example.


Know also that every interaction gives us a chance to REVEAL or RESIST our willingness to be wholly responsible for ourselves.

You always get to choose. So…

  1. Set Early Intentions. Every morning while still lying in bed and before you open your eyes set your intention for your day. Remember to do it before you put your feet on the ground. Quieting your mind enables you to hear what gets muffled by the constant and daily mental struggles you may experience.
  2. Carve ME Sessions. Immediately follow your wake-up ‘intention session’ with some “me time” or ‘”me activity.” It’s as simple as making your favorite cup of tea and serving it in your favorite teacup or going to the mirror and giving yourself an air kiss… just because you love yourself. And of course because you are hot! 😉
  3. Engage in Dump Sessions. Release what is clouding your head. Sometimes what’s clouding your head is just the immense amount of stuff (relevant & irrelevant). Every day engage in a dumping session.  What does that entail? Dump that information (all your Coulds, Woulds, and Shoulds) onto paper.  Just because you’re releasing it by no means does it indicate that it’s not important.  On the contrary, by you releasing it onto a piece of paper you are more likely able to SEE it in a different light and maybe find better ways to handle specific situations. When your mind is bogged down with information (however important), it tends to slow you down because it has to keep up with the sheer amount of internal deciphering and the external stimuli being bombarded at you.
  4. Strive For Personal Alignment. Find opportunities to create a balance in your life based on your personal needs. Remember balance is relative to you and your life situations. I like to refer to balance as personal alignment (mind, body, soul). How can you create a semblance of balance? Are you gasping right about now? Or maybe even saying, “Isn’t that rigid and suffocating.” I say, structure can be your friend.  I know people that can take the proverbial “To Do” list and calendar to an extreme.  I recall falling into that category.  Yet the more I practiced and just let the idea of planning mesh with my personality and no one else’s concept of balance…just my own definition of personal alignment, then it helped bring a semblance of clarity and a sense of power to my day and my life. Therefore,
    • Be Purposeful. By devoting time to being more purposeful in your life, you allow yourself to be more relaxed and flexible particularly when you may be experiencing the nasty and ever present “State of Overwhelmed.” Do you know it? AH! Some of you may be plagued with it especially as it relates to your activities with your children, your spouse, your business & business partners, your friends.
    • Get Your Planner Out. Plan your day with a calendar in hand. At first it will feel strange and awkward writing down everything that you “THiNK” you should be doing.  It’s all about creating a new habit. Remember when you started to ride your bike and you were kind of wobbly with the steering, and maybe even not so great with the brakes. Well it’s just like that… you end up getting into the right gear and know when to push yourself, when to slow down, and when to hit the brakes when your surroundings are not aligning with your needs and wants.
    • Break It Down. You can get yourself a wall calendar with a 3 month view for your office and a calendar for your purse. The trick will be to ensure both are current.  Note and break down your activities into several sections and perhaps color code them (Personal-ME Time (fitness/meditation); Family; Business (online/offline); Friends). You can go all techie and use your mobile to keep track of your activities with a hot, flashy app but gotta tell you that this gal is kind of “Old School.” There’s something to be said about recording information on paper using a purple pen with pink sparkly feathers tickling your nose. Okay not that girly. I think that by taking a writing stance you are physically engaging more parts of your body and coordinating them with your mind in order solidify your commitments.

What a list. It may sound hokey-pokey but I like it. Following these steps have worked for me and many of my students. I’ve found that my most productive periods were those when I engaged my mind, body, spirit and calendar. Try it.

Keeping a record of what you do and how you do it has proven to be of great use in many different fields. By studying your worst self, you certainly can find your best self. It’s wonderful when you start changing your thoughts how your life soon follows.


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14 Responses to “Mental Toxins: Basic Steps To Detoxify Negative Thought Patterns”
  1. Elise says:

    I think this is a wonder list of suggestions!
    I particularly liked…Be Purposeful…

  2. Hi Miriam! Great post and so helpful! Thank you for chatting with yesterday…You ignited the true emotion of doing it right…for me, my family, my friends and business partners. I am so convinced that organizing our time and planning our success is key. I went out yesterday and bought a wall calendar and “Savvy Planner”…LOL ..I picked one with pretty pictures of the ocean and the beach and palm trees…I love it because it matches with my vision board and my most heartfelt goals. ~ Nathalie

  3. Shelly Allen says:

    Love this post Miriam…

    Hope lots of women stop by to read because there’s a ton of great info for them to get themselves headed in the right direction;)

  4. Miriam,

    I agree with Shelly above. You have made a lot of points that sometimes we just don’t think of. Making lists can benefit you in so many ways, other than just writing down, #1, #2, etc. Lists are wonderful but you need a direction that the list is going to give an end result.


  5. Aloha Miriam,

    I love the “detoxifying negative thought patterns” title! Yes, this is sooo important…Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life!

    I 100% agree with your list and the ME time is essential and the quiet “connect” times daily. This alone can save years of “hard work”.

    Thank you so much for your insight!

    Much aloha,
    Kellie :)

  6. Tom Bradley says:

    This is super Miriam,

    I’ve got an old copy of “Unlimited Power” that I reference over and over. Robbins insists that these changes can happen in an ‘instant’, or cold turkey, as you shared.

    I think you hit on some key points, which boil down to being prepared and fertile for those ‘instant’ changes to take place.

    Thanks again.


  7. I found it fascinating that as I cleansed my body (by doing a juice fast), I almost unconsciously found myself clearing out my head too.

    For me, having time to myself first thing in the morning has been pivotal. Whether I write in my journal (dumping or celebrating, whichever felt right) or quietly focused on something inspirational, these inner-aware moments set me on an even keel for the day and got me headed in the right direction.

    Love that you’ve been on the same path, Ms Miriam

    Your friend,
    the goddess known as Jacqui

  8. Akos Fintor says:

    Hey Miriam! I enjoyed your post! The part that talks about the “DUMP SESSION” is great! We all have so much in our minds, that getting a different perspective by jotting it down can HELP A LOT! Once you determine what really counts…DUMP what doesn’t….! Thanks!

  9. I like it!! Particularly the “Dump Session”… I hadn’t thought of that. I’m currently on a 6-week challenge that includes a diet change, commitment to more exercise and an hour of me time and/or personal development per day… and guess what’s hardest??! Personal Development by far!!! So, these are great tips for me to apply. Thank you!

    • Miriam Buhr says:

      Spot On Christina! If you just focus on the garbage that you’ve been feeding your body without also focusing on the garbage you’ve been feeding your mind, no matter how much work you do on your body your mind will bring you right back to where you started… garbage in, garbage out! Mindset is 90% the stumbling block for most people.

  10. Laura Morris says:

    Hi Miriam
    I chose the post that jumped out at me and this one did! Our chat yesterday was wonderful and so was meeting you for the first time! We have many of the same thoughts and I know we will be good friends. I know it’s a process to go through releasing old, negative mind crap, and we talked about that! You made some great suggestion here. Since I love to write I need to remember to take to the pen more often and “dump” as you say.

    • Miriam Buhr says:

      Laura, it is such a LIBERATING technique! When you give your creative self permission to speak her mind, you soon develop ways to get “Un-Stuck” and “Un-Blocked.” Glad you found these steps useful! ~Miriam


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