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Business Trends: Are You A Chaser, Finder Or Setter?

December 15, 2011 by  
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    A great deal of Social Creatures don’t seem to like CHANGE.   The ironic part about it is that change is inevitable. And even though it is  part of everyone’s lives, while some deny it or FIGHT it, there are other people who embrace it and totally THRIVE on it.   If you’ve […]

System Shenanigans: Value-Based Business Practices?

November 22, 2011 by  
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A few days ago I went to visit a friend on her blog and I’ll be honest the first thing that caught my eye was the eye-popping photo! Photos are so captivating and can encapsulate several messages in a space filled with just a few pixels. But this post is not at all about the […]

Are You A Penguin Disguised As A Giraffe? Gary Vaynerchuk Advices Focus On Your Strengths

November 4, 2011 by  
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Gary Vaynerchuk, doesn’t mince words when giving advice. He uses “the POSTURE of a Leader,” as described in the following excerpt from Seth Godin’s book, Tribes. Seth Godin described it as such… “If you hear my idea but don’t believe it, that’s not your fault; it’s mine. If you see my new product but don’t […]

How Do You Convey Credibility And Trust In 3 Minute Videos?

"People who choose to trust tend to be happier, better liked by others, and more ethical than less trusting people." – Joy Cagil I just finished watching a promotional video which highlighted some tips to help people create great videos. Being a teacher of psychology for more than 10 years and one who has spent […]

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